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Streaming Video for company brand promotions

Don’t leave your brand lying on the shelf make it come alive on the web & smartphones, iPad, Blackberry and Samsung as well as others in South Africa video streaming for South Africans!

Electronic Publishing Network specialize in enhancing web design with streaming video broadcasting.

The next “big-thing” on the Internet is video. We create “reality tv” streaming video and broadcast it all over South Africa and the world, within a few hours of the shoot taking place which keeps it relevant. Our technology ensures your film is viewable on any device! Now in South Africa you can get those fast moving consumer goods moving faster with web streaming!

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What is streaming video?

Streaming or media streaming is a technique for transferring data so that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream. Streaming technologies are becoming increasingly important with the growth of the Internet because most users do not have fast enough access to download large multimedia files quickly. With streaming, the client browser or plug-in can start displaying the data before the entire file has been transmitted.

For streaming to work, the client side receiving the data must be able to collect the data and send it as a steady stream to the application that is processing the data and converting it to sound or pictures. This means that if the streaming client receives the data more quickly than required, it needs to save the excess data in a buffer. If the data doesn’t come quickly enough, however, the presentation of the data will not be smooth.

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